Yamaha FZ6 Wiring Harness and Cable Routing Diagram The following wiring harness and diagram applies for Yamaha FZ6 (2004) motorcycle model. Herein you will find detail information about the wiring harness and diagram of the motorcycle which covers diagram of left handlebar switch lead, main switch lead, clutch cable, throttle cables, right handlebar switch lead, battery, starter relay, dimmer relay, etc. Here is a quotation from the manual:

Clamp the right and left handlebar switch leads and handlebars. Point the tip of the clamp downward in front of the handlebars. Clamp the horn lead and main switch lead (upper side only) to the inner tube. Point the binding section to the outside of the vehicle body and cut the tip down to the length of 1 to 5 mm (0.04 to 0.20 in).

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