Subaru WRX Electrical System and Wiring Diagram The following and applies for Subaru WRX 2002 models. This manual is divided into sections which cover discussion on Basic Diagnostic Procedures, Super Multiple Junction, Power Supply Rating, Airbag System, Air Conditioning System, Anti-Lock Brake System, Audio System, Charging, Cruise Control System, etc.

Basic Diagnostic Procedures:
The most important purpose of diagnostics is to determine which part is malfunctioning quickly, to save time and labor.

  • Identification of Trouble Symptoms, determine what the problem is based on the symptom.
  • Probable cause of trouble, Look at the and check the system’s circuit. Then check the switch, relay, fuse, ground, etc.
  • Location and Repair of Trouble, using the diagnostics narrow down the causes. If necessary, use a voltmeter, ohmmeter, etc. Before replacing certain component parts (switch, relay, etc.), check the power supply, ground, for open wiring harness, poor connectors, etc. If no problems are encountered, check the component parts.
  • Confirmation of system operation, after repairing ensures that the system operates properly.

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