humbucker-wiring-diagramThe following wiring diagram applies for Humbucker pickup. Oh yes Humbucker is:

A type of electric guitar pickup that uses two coils, both generating string signal. Humbuckers have high output since both coils are in series and because the magnetic circuit is low loss. Like a single coil pickup, a humbucker induces a slight magnetic field around the strings which in turn induce an electrical current on the coils as the strings vibrate. But since the two coils are of reversed polarity and reverse-wound and connected in series, noise and interference is significantly reduced via common-mode rejection. They get their name because they cancel out a large portion of the interference (they “buck the hum”) induced by alternating current sources normally experienced with single coil pickups. (source: wikipedia)

This diagram shows a versatile 5-way setup with a full humbucker sound in the 1 and 5 positions, a true single-coil in the 3 position, and Strat-like split sounds in the 2 and 4 positions. This is achieved by wiring the 5-way switch to shut off one coil of the neck or bridge humbucker in the 2 and 4 positions. If the correct coil on the humbucker is selected, it will be in phase and humcanceling when it is combined with the single-coil in the middle position. This is similar to the common Strat wiring with 3 single-coils, where the middle pickup is reverse-wind and reverses polarity with the neck and bridge pickups.

Find detail of Humbucker Pickup Wiring Diagram (source:

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