aprilia-futura-wiring-diagramThe following electrical system and wiring diagram applies for 2003 Aprilia RST Mille series. Herein you will find brief information about detail location of the electrical components, wire colors and electrical components, procedures of checking the recharging system this covers topics on procedures of checking the recharging voltage, checking the open-circuit alternator, recharging system diagram, checking the alternator continuity and checking.

In the Injection/Ignition System section, you will get information on fuel injection wiring diagram, troubleshooting, procedures of checking the injection overlay, and checking the overturn sensor, fault situation description, verifying fault codes, and troubleshooting in the electronics system using displayed information.

This manual also discuss ECU (electronic control unit), fuel pump systems, ignition safety system, electronics cooling fans, dashboard indicators, lights system, warning lights and buzzer, battery and procedures on how to replace the bulbs, adjusting the headlight vertically or horizontally, procedures of changing fuses and detail wiring diagrams of RST Mille Futura.

Find more information of 2003 Aprilia RST Mille Futura Electrical System & Wiring Diagram (51 pages of pdf file docs.)

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