volvo-850-wiring-diagramThe following electrical schematic/wiring diagram service manual applies for Volvo 850 1994 models. In this manual you will find explanation on how to use the wiring diagram, description of fuses, ignition switch, central electrical unit, wiring harness and connectors, overview of the RHD of the cars, harness placement in car, and ground connection, engine compartment harness – firewall harness at left a post, left door sill harness.

The direct connection between the engine compartment wiring harness and the door sill harness in LHD cars corresponds to a connection via the firewall harness on the RHD cars. Connector 24/14 corresponds to connector 24/3 pos 1 – 25. Furthermore, connectors 24/34 and some of the positions in connector 24/2 are used. The diagram shows which connectors and which positions are connected to each other.

Find mode information about the Volvo 850 1994 Electrical Wiring Diagram here (172 pages of pdf file docs. PASS:

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