jeep-kj-wiring-diagramThe following electrical schematic and wiring diagram manual applies for 2003 Jeep KJ series. Herein you will find detail explanation on how to use the wiring diagrams, description of circuit information, description of connector, ground and splice information, diagnosis and testing of wiring harness, standard procedures of testing voltage potential and continuity, standard procedures of handling electrostatic discharge sensitive device, testing for a short to ground, testing for a short to ground on fuses, and testing for a voltage drop, connectors removal and installation, diode removal and installation, also terminal and standard procedure for wire splicing.

The wiring diagrams are grouped into individual sections. If a component is most likely found in a particular group, it will be shown complete (all wires, connectors, and pins) within that group. For example, the Auto Shutdown Relay is most likely to be found in Group 30, so it is shown there complete. It can, however, be shown partially in another group if it contains some associated wiring. Splice diagrams in Section 8W-70 show the entire splice and provide references to other sections the splices serves. Section 8W-70 only contains splice diagrams that are not shown in their entirety somewhere else in the wiring diagrams.

Find the detail of 2003 Jeep KJ Electrical Schematic and Wiring Diagram (34.7 MB pdf file docs)

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