porsche-boxer-986-model-circuit-diagram-and-wiring-harnessThis circuit diagram and technical manual applies for Porsche Boxer 986 Model including 99 model. Herein you will find detail and complete reference of the electrical system and troubleshooting of the vehicle. This manual is divided into chapters covering topics on removing and installing current distributor, and fusible element in the current distributor, allocation of three fuse connection points, measurement of closed-circuit current, repair of main and rear wiring harness, wiring diagram for ’97 model Boxter, wiring diagram for ’98 model Boxter, wiring diagram for ’99 model Boxter and circuit diagram.

Find the detail information of Porsche Boxer 986 Model Circuit Diagram and Wiring Harness part 1 and part 2 (pdf file format, source workshopmanual.co.uk)

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