citroen-zx-electrical-wiring-schematicThis manual is about Citroen ZX body electrical system and wiring schematic. In this manual you will find detail explanation and illustration of electrical components such as battery, bulbs, cigarette lighter, exterior lights, fuses and relay, etc.

A typical electrical circuit consists of an electrical component, any switches, relays, motors, fuses, fusible links or circuit breakers related to that component, and the wiring and connectors which link the component to both the battery and the chassis. To help to pinpoint a problem in an electrical circuit, wiring diagrams are included at the end of this manual.

It should be noted that, prior to working on any component in the electrical system, the battery negative terminal should first be disconnected, to prevent the possibility of electrical short-circuits and/or fires.

Find the detail of Citroen ZX Electrical Wiring Schematic here (48 pages of pdf file docs)

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