wiring-diagramThe following wiring diagram book contains detail explanation and illustration of Standard Elementary Diagram Symbols, NEMA and IEC Markings and Schematic Diagrams, Terminology, Example of Control Circuits (2-wire control, 3-wire control), AC manual starters and manual motors starting switches, 2-speed AC manual starter and IEC motor protectors, Drum switches, DC starters, constant and adjustable speed, etc.

An elementary diagram is a simplified circuit illustration. Devices and components are not shown in their actual positions. All control circuit components are shown as directly as possible, between a pair of vertical lines representing the control power supply. Components are arranged to show the sequence of operation of the devices and how the device operates. The effect of operating various auxiliary contacts and control devices can be readily seen. This helps in troubleshooting, particularly with the more complex controllers.

Find the detail Wiring Diagram Book here (109 pages of pdf file docs, source: ecatalog.squared.com)

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