2000-xr-650r-electrical-wiring-diagramThe following electrical wiring diagram applies for 2000 XR 650R motorcycle models. Herein, you will find complete description with brief illustration on electrical system, wire harness, troubleshooting, service and maintenance instruction of 2000 XR 650R. The electrical system discussion includes ignition system inspection and timing, ignition control module and coil, alternator, ac regulator, rectifier, headlight, tail/brake light, turn signal light, speedometer, handlebar switch, engine stop switch, horn, and turn signal relay.

XR 650R uses BKR7E-11 (NGK) or K22PR-U11 (Denso) as a standard spark plug with 1.00 – 1.10 mm gap, it can generate 100 V peak voltage for the primary ignition coil. Ignition timing is 6º BTDC at 1,300 min-1(rpm).

You can find the complete and detail discussion of 2000 XR 650R Electrical Wiring Diagram here (22 pages of pdf file docs. PASS: wiringdiagrams21.com)

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