Daewo Nexia Cielo Racer II Electrical Wiring Diagram

This electrical applies for Daewoo Nexia, Cielo, and Racer II series. In this manual (68 pdf. filetype pages) you will find complete description of the above vehicle electrical wiring system which is divided into 3 main sections, General Description, Harness Connector and Fuse, Relays and Electrical . The diagram itself is divided into sub section which is depicting each part of the vehicle such as ignition switch, starter motor, and alternator wiring.

Here is an illustration of the Daewoo Nexia, Cielo, and Racer II Electrical :

Whenever the power window main switch is not operated, all contact points is connected to the ground. If the power window S/W of the front driver seat is down, the terminal 8 is connected to B+(C) and 9 is not operated so that the ground terminal

Download the complete Daewoo Nexia, Cielo, and Racer II Electrical here. Free download 68 pages of PDF filetype document from mediafire.com.

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