1974 Ducati 750 Sport Wiring Diagram
This applies for 1974 Ducati 750 Sport series. Here you will find detail electrical connection of the motorcycle connecting iodine lamp, parking light, flasher, flash relay, electrical starter, horn, coil, spark plug, power distributor, fuse holding terminal, electronic regulator, alternator, rear flasher and dial lights.

Index of 1974 Ducati 750 Sport :

1. 12V - 50/55W Iodine Lamp
2. 12V - 3W Parking Light
3. 12V - 40W Flasher
4. 12V Flash Relay
5. R.H. Device (Eng. Stop/Direction Light/Electric Starter)
6. L.H. Device (Light/Flash/Horn)
7. R.H. Connector
8. L.H. Connector
9. Frame Wiring Connector
10. 12V Horn
11. H.T.1 Coil
12. H.T.2 Coil
13. Spark Plug No. 1
14. Spark Plug No. 2
15. Power Distribution
16. 12V - 12Ah Yuasa 12N-12A-4A Battery
17. Fuse Holding Terminal
18. Rear Stop Wath
19. Safety Lock Switch
20. Electronic Regulator'
21. Alternator
22. 12V - 5/21W Rear Light/Stop/Plate
23. 12V - 21W R.H. Rear Flasher
24. 12V - 21W L.H. Rear Flasher
25. Front Stop Switch
26. 12V - 21W R.H. Front Flasher
27. 12V - 21W R.L. Front Flasher
28. Dial Lights

Please find the 1974 Ducati 750 Sport here (pass: wiringdiagrams21.com)

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