1973 Ducati Mototrans Wiring Diagram
wiring diagram applies for 1973 Ducati Mototrans series. Here you will find information on 1973 Ducati Mototrans electrical diagram which is equipped with electronic conversor and regulator.

Index of 1973 Ducati 350 Mototrans Wiring Diagram:

1. Flywheel
2. Pick-up
3. Electronic Regulator
4. Battery
5. Electronic Conversor
6. Sparking Plug
7. Stop Light
8. Stop Light Rear Switch
9. Horn
10. Contact Key
11. Light Switch
12. Fuse
13. Fuse
14. Revs. Counter
15. Mile-Speedometer
16. Headlight
17. Stop Light Front Switch

Find the 1973 Ducati Mototrans Wiring Diagram here (pass: wiringdiagrams21.com)

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