This applies for 2004 Toyota Corolla Anti-Brake System. Anti-Brake System (ABS) is a brake system designed to improve the operating ability and securing the stability of the vehicle by preventing the lock–up of the vehicle by controlling the wheel cylinder pressure of all the four wheels at the time of sudden braking.

2004 Toyota Corolla Anti-Brake System Wiring Diagram

When the wheels are locked–up, the solenoid inside the actuator is controlled by the signal from the skid control ECU with actuator, and the brake fluid in the wheel cylinder will flow through the reservoir and reduce the hydraulic pressure. While the ABS is in operation, as the skid control ECU with actuator always outputs the operation signal to the pump inside the actuator, and the brake fluid stored inside the reservoir will be sucked up by the pump inside the actuator and returned to the master cylinder.

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