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Sierra Cosworth Electronic Engine Management System Diagram

The 1985 Sierra Cosworth is fitted with a combined Electronic Engine Management System with fuel injection from Weber and ignition system from Marelli. The electronic fuel injection system is in many respects very similar to the EFI system available for Scorpio and Sierra vehicles. An electronic fuel pump feeds fuel from the fuel tank through a fuel filter to the fuel rail with its four injectors (one per cylinder). The injector "on" time is individually controlled for each cylinder by Read more [...]

1983 Nissan Stanza Power Supply Routing and Wiring Diagram

1983 Nissan Stanza Power Supply Routing and Wiring Diagram This 1983 Nissan Stanza Power Supply Routing and Wiring Diagram is helpful in identifying specific problems in the power supply portion of the electrical circuits. For example, let's say a vehicle has inoperative rear window defogger. A quick check proves that turn signal lamp in the vehicle are operative. The power supply diagram shows that there cannot be a problem between the battery, ignition relay, ignition switch of fuse since Read more [...]

1975 Datsun 610 Transistor Ignition Unit Circuit Diagram

1975 Datsun 610 Transistor Ignition Unit Circuit Diagram. The transistor ignition unit provides the following functions: It makes and breaks the electric current in the primary circuit of the ignition coil. The duty control circuits sets the rate of make and break within one cycle, i.e., this maintains good ignition characteristics of engine from low speed to high speed and is equal to the dwell angle in the conventional breaker type distributor. A preventive circuit against locking is Read more [...]

Ford Mustang EFI with Nitrous Oxide NOS Wiring System

Nitrous is the most cost effective way to increase the performance of an internal combustion engine. The way  it works is to increase the amount of oxygen that can be introduced into the cylinder during the intake stroke. With more oxygen, more fuel can be burned, and thus, the engine produces more power. The nitrous system consists of four main components: nitrous delivery system, fuel delivery system, system plate, and electrical system. The following schematic shows the Ford Mustang EFI with Read more [...]

1999 GMC Jimmy Instrument Panel Fuse Block Location

The wiring circuits in your 1999 GMC Jimmy are protected from short circuits by a combination of fuses and circuit breakers. This greatly reduces the chance of fires caused by electrical problems. Look at the silver-colored band inside the fuse. If the band is broken or melted, replace the fuse. Be sure you replace a bad fuse with a new one of the identical size and rating. The 1999 GMC Jimmy instrument panel fuse block is located at the driver’s end of the instrument panel. Remove the cover by Read more [...]

1983 Datsun 200SX Electronic Fuel Injection Wiring Harness

The 1983 Datsun 200SX control unit is connected to the EFI harness by means of a multi connector, and the EFI harness is connected to other sensors. The essential role of the control unit is to generate a pulse. Upon receiving an electrical signal from each sensor, the control unit generates a pulse whose duration (injector open-valve time period) is controlled to provide an optimum quantity of fuel according to the engine characteristics. The control unit consists mainly of three generated circuits Read more [...]

Triumph Daytona Fuse Box and Amp. Rating

The Triumph Daytona (2003 model) is fitted with two fuse boxes. The front fuse box is located under the left hand cockpit infill panel. The rear fuse box is located under the passenger seat. To allow access to the rear fuse box, the rider’s seat must be removed. To allow access to the front fuse box, the left hand cockpit infill panel must be removed as follows: Front fuse box access Release cockpit infill fixings shown in diagram above. Ensuring that the front wheel is pointing straight Read more [...]

2003 Honda CBR600RR Electric Starter System

The Honda CBR600RR (2003 models) Electric Starter System consists of: starter motor, side stand switch, starter relay switch, ignition switch, main fuse, battery, neutral and clutch switch. The following schematic shows the Honda CBR600RR Electric Starter System. Troubleshooting the Honda CBR600RR Electric Starter System: Fuse Inspection. Check for blown main fuse or sub fuse. Is the fuse blown?. If YES, replace the fuse. In NOT, go to step 2. Battery Inspection. Make sure the battery Read more [...]

Jeep TJ Wrangler Blower Motor Relay Test

The Jeep TJ Wrangler (2000) blower motor relay is located in a wire harness connector that is secured to the heater - A/C housing behind the glove box on the passenger side of the vehicle, next to the heater - A/C wire harness connector in the passenger compartment. Remove the relay from its connector to perform the following test. Jeep TJ Wrangler Blower Motor Relay Test A relay in the de-energized position should have continuity between terminals 87A and 30, and no continuity between terminals Read more [...]

Kawasaki ZX9-R Radiator Fan Circuit and Wiring

The following steps are instruction on how to inspects your 1999 Kawasaki ZX9-R Fan system circuit malfunction: Disconnect the leads from the radiator fan switch. Using an auxiliary wire, connect the radiator fan switch leads. If the fan rotates, inspect the fan switch. If the fan does not rotate, inspect the following: Leads and Connectors; Main Fuse and Fan Fuse; Fan Motor. Fan Motor Inspection: Remove the air cleaner housing. Disconnect the 2 - pin connector in the fan motor leads. Read more [...]